We Have Over 43,000,000 Reasons

According to statistics from the 3 major credit reporting bureau’s nearly 43.4 million consumers now have a credit score of 599 or below. This means that there are far fewer potential buyers for those industries that target customers for higher ticket items such as furniture.

To fill the void in steps Global Check. With the Global Check ARC Program that qualifies buyers based on income and not credit those 43 million potential customers are now able to become buyers once again. Global Check understands that in this day and age that there are many out there that make a good living and for one reason or another a circumstance that may have been beyond their control or in the distant past have hampered their ability to qualify for traditional financing. Now, by paying just an economical plan fee of 8% your customer will be able to spread the purchase amount due over the course of 180 days while guaranteeing your business their funds in as little as a few days.

To learn how you can increase the potential customer base of your furniture business by offering the Global Check ARC Program call 1-888-646-2498 or email us.